What topics can I ask about here?

Geographic Information Systems is a question and answer site for people interested in GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Geodesy and Surveying, as well as Programming/Databases specific to the aforementioned. It is built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we are working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about GIS. Our Help Center provides further guidance to help in posting good questions and answers.

Although the scope of questions appropriate here is wide, befitting the range of GIS applications, please make an initial effort to research the answer before you ask a question. That will help you write a great, focused question that gets excellent answers. Questions that are too basic (meaning the answer is indexed in any number of general internet reference sources designed specifically to find that type of information) will be closed.

We aim to create a lasting record of great solutions to questions. Providing references to peer-reviewed literature or links to on-line resources is warmly welcomed. You can also incorporate the work of others under fair use doctrine, which particularly means that you must attribute any text, images, or other material that is not originally yours.

We are not a GIS Software Support Site. We encourage you to seek official routes for support for specific issues you may have.

For more help, see What makes a good question?. Before you post your question, look around to see if it has been asked here before. (It’s also OK to ask and answer your own question.)

If you are not sure whether your question is on topic or appropriate for this site, consult "What types of questions should I avoid asking?". Please see other places for help for questions which are off topic here (such as general questions on databases, server setup, web services, programming, etc.).

If your question is not specifically on-topic for GIS Stack Exchange, it may be on topic for another Stack Exchange site. If no site currently exists that will accept your question, you may commit to or propose a new site at Area51, the place where new Stack Exchange communities are democratically created.