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I'm working with Data Driven Pages to create a map series of communities (points). I'm using Model Builder to create a line poly feature for each community. The line poly shows the time away from each community by hour to a max. of five hours by road. With Model Builder, I can automate the creation, symbology, and addition of the poly lines to my DDP map series display. The problem is that I cannot automate enabling page definition query for each of these poly line features. This means that they do not match up with their respective community on DDP when they are added to the display. I'm working with over 2000 community points. To go in after the poly lines are created from the model and added to the map and manually enable page definition for each of them is rather time consuming.

It would be nice if enabling Page Definition could be done in Model Builder so that when the newly created features are added to the map series, they already match up with their respective community. Then I could move on to tweeking the layout for each extent and exporting the maps ect.

The only alternative I have thought of is to use a script that automatically turns the line features on or off depending on which Data Driven Page I am viewing. Does anyone know of a script like this?

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