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Does an equivalent of ArcScripts exist?

I know of the the ArcGIS resource center and "Code Galleries" but does something that equates to ArcScripts where users share useful ArcGIS code exist? The new ArcGIS forums are not great for searching for code either.

It seems to me as through the ESRI replacement for ArcScripts are a poor replacement and I am wondering if something 3rd party exists. I know we can still search ArcScripts but it does not appear to still be an active repository.

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Yes, they were an awesome resource. I think ArcScripts still exists - or at least I can still go there when Google turns up a result, but I don't know if new code is being added. There is something called EDN (Esri Developer Network) that may be worth checking out. – Michael Miles-Stimson Jun 19 '14 at 22:54
Two earlier Q&As in the same space are… and… - I think there needs to be some curation done before making all three duplicates. – PolyGeo Jun 19 '14 at 23:51
I agree it was an excellent resource and the new system just seems so complex with poorer content. I will try GitHub. Maybe a business opportunity for someone. – If you do not know- just GIS Jun 20 '14 at 15:41
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It only took ESRI five years to realize that killing off ArcScripts was one of their more stupid decisions....ArcScripts was easy, simple and just searched for what you was one of the things that made ESRI products the best. Trying to find anything on ArcGIS Resource Center was always a nightmare.

Now it's back! New Beta here:

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Interesting, thanks for posting this – ianbroad Jul 27 '15 at 5:30
That is very good news. It was a stupid decision. The Resource Center is useless to me. – If you do not know- just GIS Jul 28 '15 at 14:47

If you go to the home page of ArcScripts you are greeted with this message:

ArcScripts are Moving

We at ESRI thank you all for your valuable contribution to ArcScripts over the years. This Web site has been most valuable for the user community to share a multitude of tools; however, this application has become outdated. We have brand new Code Galleries that are part of the new ArcGIS Resource Center.

As of April 2nd, 2010, ArcScripts is closed for all new scripts and edits to existing content; however, we will keep them read-only for at least several years. The direct URLs for ArcScripts and individual scripts will remain available, and the content throughout will be searchable from the new ArcGIS Resource Center.

If you have new scripts, or updates to existing scripts, we invite you to try the new Code Galleries.

If you click the new Code Galleries link you will reach:

We're in the process of reorganizing.

The page you were looking for has moved or no longer exists.

In 15 seconds you will be redirected to a list of current content organized by product, industry, or developer platform. Choose a specific community or search to find the information you need.

Once you find the resources relevant to you, please update your bookmarks.

Waiting 15 seconds does redirect me to the Communities page

If I am after a Python script tool I click the Python link to reach the Python for ArcGIS page which does have a Gallery where you can see and choose items.

Where it becomes more cryptic is when you decide you want to upload something. I spotted a More Gallery Posts link which I followed to find a What types of items can I find here? which I followed to find out that I was actually in ArcGIS Online:

What can you add to ArcGIS Online?

The following list shows which types of maps, layers, apps, tools, and files you can add to ArcGIS Online through My Content. You must have privileges to create items to add them to ArcGIS Online.

This not being simply a link from the ArcScripts page makes me think that what was advertised as a move was the start of a deprecation of its original and much loved concept.

You will find an Add Items link in the sidebar and if you follow that too then it becomes even more evident that you are in the embrace of ArcGIS Online.

As an alternative you could try searching and contributing to ArcGIS repositories at GitHub.

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I think something's a little broken at the Esri website. Even the search from the page comes back with in the process or reorganizing, forcing the seeker to start from Google (or other search engine) every time you want to find a tool/interface by name. – Michael Miles-Stimson Jun 20 '14 at 4:28
Perhaps it's just Chrome, but when I am looking at a tool like… and then enter a search term in the upper right search box it goes to… – Michael Miles-Stimson Jun 20 '14 at 4:38
Oh, that's it. I tend to use 10 / 10.1 (not much difference) as I'm on 10.1 at the moment with no real reason to upgrade (yet). I should probably use 10.2 as, again, there's not much difference. Thank you @polygeo for the tip. – Michael Miles-Stimson Jun 20 '14 at 4:46
@MichaelMiles-Stimson There's quite a lot of difference between 10.0 and 10.1 but almost all of that is in ArcPy e.g. 10.0 has no arcpy.da, Python toolboxes, Python Add-Ins, but I agree there is little difference between 10.1 and 10.2. – PolyGeo Jun 20 '14 at 4:50

I'm inclined to think that GitHub is the spiritual successor to ArcScripts, and long term will be better than ArcScripts ever was, or could even hope to be.

The code branching/merging/sharing alone is worth its weight in gold plated electrons (to reach very far for a badly strained metaphor...), let alone the built in issue tracking and wiki pages and vendor independence.

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