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I have an application based on Network Engineer & ArcObjects.

A part of the functionality requires users to draw a rectangle an select features. It should "add" to the current selection.

I am using a custom selection method (incorporating QueryFilter & IFeatureSelection) and selecting features in the layers. Once I am done with the selection, I open the NE Attribute Editor to see the properties of selected records, but I don't see any of the newly selected features!

I tried calling the SelectionChanged() and MakePermanent() methods and even refreshed the selection but nothing helps...

Any ideas?

PS: I have yet not tried the built-in commands. Will need some time to check if it works (I am sure it will as it is "built-in", but I don't see a reason why the feature selection does not work).

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OK, as expected the NE attribute editor works fine with the built-in selection tools. Now I am even more puzzled than before as to why this is not working... – ujjwalesri May 31 '11 at 10:23

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