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I want to change the pre-defined red arrow link icon in the search widget to another icon:

screen shot

Where would I do this? It looks like the widget is drawing from the InfoPopupWidget.swf?

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do you have a link? - its easier to debug – Mapperz May 31 '11 at 18:01

This is not configurable with the compiled version of the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex.

Assuming that you are a Flex developer, already familiar with and working with the source code, and using the latest version (currently 2.3.1). The relevant file is widgets/SearchWidget/SearchResultItemRenderer.mxml and at the bottom of that file is where the source property is set to a specific image (w_link.png):

<mx:Image width="18" height="18"
          includeInLayout="{ != null}"
          visible="{ != null}"/>

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Success! After re-compiling the Search Widget components: SearchResultItemRenderer.mxml, swf., .xml, and SearchWidget.swf.

Also had to adjust picture size in SearchResultItemRenderer.mxml in code here: line 115

as well as here: line 135

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It looks as though you are using the flex sample viewer.
And talking about the search results tab/button on that widget.
If that is true you would need either the adobe Flashbuilder, or another product to "rebuild" the swf.
There are some open source solutions to this task.
BTW: the infopopupwidget handles the popups when you select an object from the search. The C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\flexviewer\widgets\Search\searchWidget.swf handles the actual search popup.
BTW2: I don't get the red arrow in my 2.3.1 viewer.
search results screenshot here -

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