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I want to run shortest path algorithm on multiple source&target pairs at once and get a result as a table and process it then.

How do I do this? This query does not work:

SELECT a.source,, paths.* 
FROM all_to_all a, shortest_path_astar('...', a.source,, false, false) paths;

ERROR:  function expression in FROM cannot refer to other relations of same query level

(btw, all_to_all does not literally mean all to all, :) it's just a number of random pairs)

This does not work either:

FROM all_to_all a, (
   SELECT * FROM shortest_path_astar('...', a.source,, false, false) yyy
) AS t2;
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---- could you please expand on this? i have the same problem but cant get these pairs right? (from an attempted edit of the post] – Mapperz Jan 27 '12 at 16:13
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Something like

  (SELECT SUM(cost) FROM  -- or whatever you want to do with the routing result
     (SELECT * FROM shortest_path_astar('...',
     ) AS foo 
  ) AS cost
FROM all_to_all;
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I knew it would be you to answer :) Thanks a lot! – culebrón Jun 2 '11 at 10:12

Here's a query that returns all segments for all source-target combinations:

    shortest_path_astar('SELECT gid AS id, length AS cost, * FROM ways', source, target, false, false) AS segment

Incredible, inconsistent with SQL syntax, but works!

source | target | segment
     1 |      4 | (1, 2, 0.1357)
     1 |      4 | (2, 3, 0.2468)
     1 |      4 | (3, 4, 0.9)
     1 |      4 | (4, -1, 0)
other sources & targets here
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