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Plugin Raster->TerrainAnalysis->slope which had initially worked, started showing what another questioner referred to as a "crazy histogram": qgis2 slope analysis from NED data gives crazy histogram

Before finding his question and the answer, I endeavored to uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

I found/still find (QGIS 2.0.1, now upgraded to QGIS 2.4, on Ubuntu 14.04), the plugin "uninstall" button grayed out/disabled.

It's working, but I am worried about having a plugin I installed that does not offer an option to be uninstalled.

Failing anything else--and following my penchant for "trying something"--I would be tempted to use the path information to rename the .so library and see if it disappeared, but better advice or insight would be most appreciated, thank you.

uninstall grayed-out

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This plugin is a C++ core plugin and cannot be uninstalled. Only Python plugins can be uninstalled. If you find an issue with a core plugin which is reproducible, please report the bug.

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