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Does anyone know where I can find an accurate polygon database of all golf courses in the us?

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You should take a look at POI Factory. They have a Golf Courses-USA dataset that apparently originated from

You should of course read into their Terms of Use policy to make sure your use case is covered.

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The 05 ESRI StreetMap lyr file contains about 7100 golf course polygons nation-wide. However this most likely is a small sample of all the courses that may exist.

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I don't think every data dream can come to reality.

If there's an agency which does not have a vision to manage geo-spatial information for itself, getting such a data can be a tedious task.

You can get the textual information very easily, but finding a GIS data can be (almost) impossible.

See the Golf Directory...

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Google Earth has fairly complete data set of these, it's only a viewer though. I remember a few years ago seeing a GIS job with, might try contacting them and see if they share / sell their data sets Google Earth gold course layer

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