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When publishing a bare earth DEM that has a VAT table, or value attribute table "A VAT is a table containing attributes for a grid, including user-defined attributes, the values assigned to cells in the grid, and a count of the cells with those values"

...The fields are empty in the REST service where there should be values. Anyone know how to consume the VAT table that resides inside the gdb.?

I want to be able to use the identify tool to depict elevation values.

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Have you considered using the Elevations SOE? – Kirk Kuykendall Jun 14 '11 at 3:49

I want to be able to use the identify tool to depict elevation values.

If Kirk's solution doesn't help, a workaround is to convert the grid to a polygon, and run the Identify task on the polygon layer.

The polygons wouldn't be displayed on the map, but would simply be used when clicking on the map.

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Not sure about rasters in gdb's, but for GRID's you can use code to add the VAT to the map as a standalone table. Presumably you could then publish it as a mapservice and consume it via the REST api. Seems like there might be a similar back door for VAT's in gdb.

private void Test()
    var ws = OpenWS("esriDataSourcesFile.ArcInfoWorkspaceFactory", @"C:\projects\forums");

    var table = ((IFeatureWorkspace)ws).OpenTable("states1.VAT");

    var saTable = new StandaloneTableClass() as IStandaloneTable;
    saTable.Name = ((IDataset)table).Name;
    saTable.Table = table;

private IWorkspace OpenWS(string progID, string path)
    var t = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(progID);
    var wsf = Activator.CreateInstance(t) as IWorkspaceFactory;
    return wsf.OpenFromFile(path, 0);

enter image description here

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