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I am iterating over a shapefile and creating a new shape from each row. I will be creating several thousand individual shapes and do not want to inundate my TOC with that many layers (I bet ArcMap would crash if I did). Using the code below, each shape is added after being created. How could I remove the shape from the TOC after being created? I tried deleting the tempPoly variable but that did not do the trick.

polys = arcpy.SearchCursor(shapefile) #recall the cursor
for poly in polys: 
    print('starting at '+str(poly.FID))
    whereClause = '"FID" = ' + str(poly.FID     ) # Create a clause to select only the current record

I am not working in a dataframe and am in the data view not the layout view.

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You have three options here:

  1. Un-check the Add results of geoprocessing operations to display check box (Geoprocessing menu>Geoprocessing Options)

  2. By code, use the arcpy RemoveLayer() method.

  3. Also by code, use the arcpy Delete (Data Management) Geoprocessing function to remove the layer by name.

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Are these polygons features (it appears they are)? Is there a unique field of type "Text" (something other than FID)?

If so, you could also just use the Split_Analysis tool, and use the featureclass as both the input features and split features, the "Text" field as the split field, and then define your target workspace.

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