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I've read a few other issues about trying to prevent labels from rendering if they run off the edge of the map canvas. This is particularly a problem in Composer, where I get lots of country labels which are only half on the page.

In the above post in the QGIS issue queue, Nyall Dawson says "There's an option in the global label settings to prevent clipped labels at the edge of maps".

I can't find this setting. Does anyone know where it is? Or any other solution for this problem?

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Here's how to access that setting. First open the layer properties by double clicking a layer, then go to the labeling tab. Look for the button in the top-right of the window (shown below):

enter image description here

Then, switch off "show partial labels":

enter image description here

This setting applies to all labelled layers in your project.

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Thanks for that! – Jon Scrut Aug 29 '14 at 4:39

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