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I'm working with the Leaflet JavaScript Library and attached a (working) map to my HTML Document. It is in the middle of the page, and when I'm scrolling down with my mouse wheel and arrive at the map, it automatically zooms into the map.

I want to scroll through the page without stopping at the map. Is there a way to activate the wheel zoom only after the first click on the map?

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It's simple: create L.Map with scrollWheelZoom: false option, then add a listener:

map.once('focus', function() { map.scrollWheelZoom.enable(); });

If you need to toggle zooming:

map.on('click', function() {
  if (map.scrollWheelZoom.enabled()) {
    else {
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Thanks! A very fast, short and right answer :) – Jandroide Aug 27 '14 at 10:54

Leaflet.Sleep will make your job easy, and it's plenty configurable

Basically, it turns off scroll events when they're not needed and "wakes" your map when they are.

I'd post code, but the defaults seem to get it right, so you likely won't need anything beyond <script src="path/to/leaflet-sleep.js"></script> and you'll have a map like this.

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