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I am adding two FeatureGraphicsLayer to a GraphicDataSet like so:


It looks like it puts the last one in on the very top of all the other FeatureGraphicsLayers.

I need to add one to the bottom of the GraphicsDataSet.

Is this possible?

Is there a ways to change the order of FeatureGraphicsLayers once they are in the GraphicsDataSet?

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Un-tested, un-proven, and not an expert here, but you could try something like this...

    gdsInsertAt(eventsFeatureGraphicsLayer2, graphicsMapFunctionality,graphicsMapFunctionality.GraphicsDataSet.Tables.Count)

Protected Sub gdsInsertAt(ByVal theTableToInsert As Data.DataTable, ByVal graphicsMF As ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.DataSources.Graphics.MapFunctionality, ByVal index As Integer)
    Dim tableList As List(Of Data.DataTable) = New List(Of Data.DataTable)
    For i = 0 To graphicsMF.GraphicsDataSet.Tables.Count - 1
        tableList.Insert(i, graphicsMF.GraphicsDataSet.Tables(i))
    tableList.Insert(index, theTableToInsert)
End Sub

This will change the order of the tables, but I'm not sure how it affects the rendering.

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