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I have got a patch which supports Nvarchar and Nchar types when we need to publish sql server table to Geoserver. But I dont know, How to use this patch OR where i put this patch so that it can work with Geoserver ?

Can anybody explain, how i use this patch with Geoserver?

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From the GeoServer user-list:

The basic way under Linux systems is to save the patch file on the file system and apply it using "path -p0 < file.patch", or if the patch has been generated with git, "patch -p1 < file.patch", normally from the root of the GeoServer checkout.

The patch command is available also under Windows, just search for it.

Other tools can apply patches too. For example if you have the set of projects loaded in Eclipse you can apply a patch using "Team/apply patch" and point it to the file.

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