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I want to check un check togglebutton but I don't know how to alter using mapbasic. Is there any command to alter it? I could not find it in MapInfo user guide. I have command:

Alter Button

But how to use I don't know how to provide Id to buttons?

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Is it a custom button that you have made or one of the MapInfo ones? – Nathan W Jul 5 '11 at 1:04
Yes @Nathan I have made costum button – kinkajou Jul 5 '11 at 1:27
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You first need to add a ID to your custom button when you create it:

Create ButtonPad "Utils" As 
        HelpMsg "Choose this button to display query dialog" 
        Calling button_sub_proc 
        ID 5000 '' This is the ID for the button

Then you can alter the button using:

Alter Button ID 5000

You can also do:

Alter Button button_sub_proc

button_sub_proc is the method that the button calls.

Although using the method way, if you have more then one button calling that method they all get updated.

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Alter Button ID xx Uncheck

Good luck

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