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Can anyone point me to a good introduction to the INSPIRE directive? I know it's basically WMS 1.3 with added bells and whistles but now I'm back in Europe I should probably find out what they are.

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I would say its a bit more than WMS 1.3. I assume you already checked these, but if not have a look at the About Inspire on the Inspire website for a brief overview and also the AGI Inspire Overview Document as starting points

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For French readers, Marc Leobet wrote and published a nice introduction to INSPIRE (Second edition).

See associated post.

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Not trying to use this as a forum to promote our own product, but my employer (Safe Software) is holding a webinar on July 21st on Harmonising Your Spatial Data for INSPIRE with FME. The presenter is knowledgeable and so this may be a good introduction to INSPIRE as a whole, whether or not you use our products.

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