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I want to be a GIS Developer. I know .net. Do I need to know COM also? Is COM outdated? Please tell me the way. Presently I am in Production.

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Read. Read. Read.

Get an understanding of basic cartographic principles and learn what a map is and what a map isn't - try How To Lie With Maps.

Read about basic GIS principles. The difference between polygons and multipolygons; spatial indexes; topology - try Mapping Hacks and Tools.

Choose an area of GIS development you are interested in. Web mapping; desktop GIS; sub-surface and prospection; 3D.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I'm not saying any book is better than any other. Google is your friend - there are a million websites (including this one) and blogs detailing every aspect of GIS and cartography.

I would advise in future to perhaps do some basic research yourself before posting. Questions such as yours tend to receive less attention than more specific ones.

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If you want to be a GIS developer I would say you should really learn Python, followed by Javascript for some web stuff.

Don't just stick to .NET as a lot of GIS programming seems to be done in Python, and it's a good pick for general purpose too. Learning a lot of tools is important, being a one tool programmer won't really help you learn much.

Also regarding COM the answer is, it depends, it depends on a lot of factors but in the end yes you should basic understanding of it IMO esp if you are working on Windows. A lot of APIs may use COM in the background but you don't always need to understand the details although it helps sometimes.

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i think u can use java .net and C++ for gis development.But the main idea is to create a specialized area for the gis.For example i am working for a municipality applications that are related with editing and other graphic stuff.But Unfortunately my advise is not gis.Cloud Computing is hte new idea and u can learn salesforce and force.com language apex which is really similar to java and .net.U can be a crm consultant and make money much more than gis...:D

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ooooookkk then.. –  Nathan W Jul 6 '11 at 13:27
Why not learn to do GIS in the cloud? –  MathiasWestin Jul 7 '11 at 8:53

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