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I have some problem with the popup code in OpenLayers, using Text layer (yes i know there already GML layer out there with text format, but i need to modify existing code), the problem was popup not removed when i open new popup (by clicking another marker)

OpenLayers.Feature.prototype.popupClass = OpenLayers.Popup.FramedCloud;

        OpenLayers.Layer.Text.prototype.markerClick = function(evt) {
            var sameMarkerClicked = (this == this.layer.selectedFeature);
            if (this.popup) {
            } else {
            this.layer.selectedFeature = (!sameMarkerClicked) ? this :

code by Christopher Schmidt :

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I've successfully used the functions from this post:

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As far as I know, in an OpenLayers map viewer showing a new popup window does not imply that other already present popup windows will automatically be closed (at least when I was working with OpenLayers, more that 1 year ago).

You can get such behaviour by (a) having a list of references to already open popup windows, (b) close all popups present in this list when opening a new popup window and (c) updating the list.

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