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Let me see if I would be able to explain this correctly... Both Bing and Google Map geocoders can return you and a point given an address. Is there any way to retrieve an 'address range' instead i.e. to get returned a LINE rather than a point?

Its not necessarily address ranges I am after- the key word here is 'line' (along a road). Another example would be to get a road line given 2 points so I would want to get returned the road segment between these 2 points. I assume for this I would need to use the routing functions only?

Another scenario (i guess even more difficult) is given 1 point (along a road) to ask for the road segments for x Km 'up or down' this same road

Hope I am making sense...

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Using Google Maps API v3 Directions you can achieve this road segment length using waypoints.

To work out line length

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thanks- i will give that a go! – mapoholic Jul 7 '11 at 15:50

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