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I am quite new to ArcObjects and development, but from what I have researched I can run a command programmatically like so: [VB]

Dim pUID As New UID
Dim pCmdItem As ICommandItem
pUID.Value = "esriArcMapUI.MxFileMenuItem"
pUID.Subtype = 4 'For Save As command
Set pCmdItem = Application.Document.CommandBars.Find(pUID)

However I want to extend this example so when it executes it changes defaults to always the same folder location and filename. Is this possible with ICommandItem, or do I need another interface?

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Not sure but maybe the save dialog uses Environment.CurrentDirectory did you try setting that before calling Execute? – Kirk Kuykendall Jul 7 '11 at 16:26

The only way I can think of is similar to this answer (to question Force a new AddDataDialog to open at a defined directory path). In your case, you would use a different registry key though:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ESRI\ArcMap\File Path

where File Path is the name of a string value pointing to the directory which the Save dialog uses. This method will of course not allow you to specify the actual file name, only the default directory.

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