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In GeoNetwork/ISO 19115, how do you describe physical access parameters for a physical paper map (i.e. of type CI_PresentationFormCode==mapHardcopy)?

For example I want to be able to find the map through a room number, archive box and signature number associated to the map. Also interesting would be to store the size (A0, A1, ...) or weight.

Storing online resources works quite well with GeoNetwork and is good documented, for example you can enter a online location (URL) via CI_OnlineResource, But what about physical parameters of "hardware" maps? Are there other standards than ISO19115 that are better suited for physical maps?

Clarification: I'm aware that in ISO-19115, one can define that a data IS a paper map by setting CI_Citation.presentationForm to mapHardcopy (an element from the CodeList CI_PresentationFormCode). But: If my data is a paper map, how do I describe properties of it that are very specific to paper maps:

  • weight
  • size
  • book shelf
  • material health
  • library number

The only thing I can imagine is the library number which is storable in CI_Citation.identifier. What about the others?

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There are Eleven Editors for ISO 19115


2 Support other Data Storage.

Have successful used QR codes to maintain metadata and paper document for a large project - http://code.google.com/apis/chart/image/docs/chart_wizard.html

It can be used with a mobile/cell phone without the need on a PC (apart from the original capture and storage of the metadata)

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QR codes for georeferencing... sites.google.com/site/marcpfister/georeferencingwithqrcodes –  Matthew Snape Jul 20 '11 at 16:50

The North American Profile of ISO19115 is helpful in this situation (and free!). For your specific question, look for the codelist for CI_OnlineResource. The entry for a hardcopy map is here.

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This entry already exists in ISO-19119. What I'm looking for are more paper-specific properties. See my edit above. –  EPSG31468 Jul 20 '11 at 16:00

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