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I need scripts for the field calculator that:

  1. extracts the first word from a column, i.e. "Jones School" - "Jones", and
  2. A script that will capitalize this new field, "Jones" - "JONES".

This is Arc 10.

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Assuming you consider a space as a separator:


!myField!.split(" ")[0].title() # Proper Case
!myField!.split(" ")[0].upper() # Upper Case


UCase(Left([myField],1)) & LCase(Mid([myField],2,InStr([myField]," ")-1)) ' Proper Case
UCase(Mid([myField],1,InStr([myField]," ")-1)) ' Upper Case
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The Python string manipulation methods should give you access to all of the features you are looking for:

To extract words from a string, take a look at the usage of:

str.split([sep[, maxsplit]])

For capitalizing your word(s), take a look at the usage of:

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