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My problem is as follows.

To start with, I have the following spatial datasets:

  • A road network;
  • 13,000 odd point locations representing populated localities (ie places where people live);
  • Service (point) locations (2000+) representing the location of a specific human service;

For each populated locality (origins), I need to find the network distance to the 5 nearest service locations (destinations), and record those 5 distance measures against the originating populated locality.

Software resources available to me include ArcMap (ArcView licence only), Manifold (with Business Tools extension), Quantum GIS, GvSIG.

Any help or suggestions welcome.

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Given QGIS, do you have access to GRASS? If you you could maybe take a look at which might help. Probably take a while to process given the number of points though... – om_henners Jul 20 '11 at 6:41
I believe the CrimeStat program has the capabilities to do this as well. – Andy W Jul 20 '11 at 12:39

Your could use pgRouting with Quantum GIS.

This page from underdark's website explains how to do.

Good luck !

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