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i am running arcgis server 10, installed visual web developer express 2010 edition, now wanted to run samples from arcgis.com for .net web api, for example the following one


I downloaded the vb.net zipped folder shown for all files on above link. Unzipped it. Opened the "ADFTutorials_VBNet2010.sln" file. The visual web developer 2010 express says that

 One or more projects in the solution were not loaded correctly.
 Please see the Output Window for details.

The output shows the following

 http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/ScriptableControls/MapCoordinateDisplayWebSite :  
 error  : Unable to open the Web site 'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet
 /ScriptableControls/MapCoordinateDisplayWebSite'.  The Web site 'http://localhost
 /ADFTutorials_VBNet/ScriptableControls/MapCoordinateDisplayWebSite' does not exist.

 http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/AccessArcGISServer : error  : Unable to open the 
 Web site 'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/AccessArcGISServer'.  The Web site 
'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/AccessArcGISServer' does not exist.

 http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/AccessArcIMS : error  : Unable to open the Web 
 site 'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/AccessArcIMS'.  The Web site 
 'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/AccessArcIMS' does not exist.

 http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/ADFWebControls : error  : Unable to open the Web 
 site 'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/ADFWebControls'.  The Web site 
 'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/ADFWebControls' does not exist.

  http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/UsingCommonAPI : error  : Unable to open the 
  Web site 'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/UsingCommonAPI'.  The Web site   
  'http://localhost/ADFTutorials_VBNet/UsingCommonAPI' does not exist.

Please can anyone explain how to run the samples provided for .net? thanks a lot in advance!!!

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Website is not operative, have you set your IIS server up? –  user3720 Jul 20 '11 at 13:14
If you are just getting started with ArcGIS Server development, I would highly recommend to use one of the Web APIs (JS, Flex, Silverlight) instead of the Web ADF. The Web ADF has been deprecated and the Web APIs provide a much better framework for creating good looking and scalable web apps. If you're a .NET developer then the Esri Silverlight API is an obvious place to start. –  Philip Jul 20 '11 at 23:17

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You need a virtual directory in IIS to point to the location you unzipped your package.
IIS image

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thanks, does it have to point to ...adftutorials\VBNet\ADFTutorials_VBNet or to ...adftutorials\VBNet\ADFTutorials_VBNet\AccessArcGISServer? and what should i do after this? thanks a lot in advance! –  ytre Jul 20 '11 at 14:07
I created a Virtual Directory and named it test098, and pointed folder location to ...adftutorials\VBNet\ADFTutorials_VBNet\AccessArcGISServer, then in properties created Application name, and set the execute permissions to 'Scripts only', selected 'ArcGISApplicationsAppPool' for application pool. Then opened web browser and put url arcgis-server/test098/default.aspx it says "Server Application Unavailable". Plz can you show everything step by step? thanks a lot in advance!!! –  ytre Jul 20 '11 at 14:31
so the samples can run "asis" you should create the vd as "adftutorials". You should only need the one vd. then when you open the ADFTutorials_VBNet2010.sln all the links will resolve. –  Brad Nesom Jul 20 '11 at 15:14

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