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I'm trying to add a graphic layer in a web ADF application with arcGIS for, but every time I add a graphic layer to the MapResourceManager, the map disappears!

To better understand this: here's the simple app with the only element in the MapResourceManager being the map service (OGC (WMS) Service) which provides me the map

And here's the MapResourceManager with another graphic layer, the map misteriously disappears

What's wrong with that?

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What are the displaysettings of your graphic layer? Is transparent true? – mwalker Jul 22 '11 at 16:05
It was visible, the problem was a javascript issue I'm posting down here – Marco A. Jul 22 '11 at 16:43

I have not had much experience with the ArcGIS Web offering, but I've experienced something similar in ArcMap.

The first thing I can suggest is check that the spatial reference (AKA projection) is the same for both files. A difference in these can sometimes cause applications to inaccurately project the data to your screen.

Though recently, I have had a data set where the coordinates were scaled up by 100. i.e, the x coordinate should have been 160,000 and the y = 80,000,000, but x = 16,000,000 and y = 8,000,000,000.

So it may be worth your while to check the bounding box of the data set and make sure the coordinates fit within the boundaries of the its defined Spatial Reference.

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Thank you, I'll keep this in mind for future problems, anyway I've solved with some javascript debugging. I'm posting here what I did to help other people – Marco A. Jul 22 '11 at 16:42
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Found out, warning: javascript at line indicated by javascript debuggers like firebug or chrome's integrated one is bugged, combobox name is case-sensitive and you need to correct it

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