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Most of the documentation for ArcHydro Tools discusses their use on data in ESRI's personal and file geodatabases. Is it possible to use ArcHydro Tools to set network flow direction on a networked data set in an 'enterprise geodatabase' (SDE on Oracle)? Both the client and server are at version 9.3

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This paper describes use of ArcHydro with ArcSDE.

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This pretty much answers my question as to whether it is possible. I think that the issue that I was having was that the SDE database needs to be versioned to allow editing. As far as I can tell, disconnected editing will not work with ArcHydro. –  DavidF Oct 4 '10 at 13:29

Looking through the Help documents included with the ArcHydro Tools download I did see references to SDE so I would say yes.

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