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I am new to QGIS and pretty ignorant with the subject, but I want to be able to see the latitude / longitude of a point (with a mouse click) in Quantum GIS. I imported a shapefile (roads of finland from here : ), and there is a box a the bottom that show the current coordinate in unknow units to me : 521636,6947168, same the coordinate capture don't show lat/long. The coordinate system seems to be WGS84 - 4326.

I am sure it is a stupid question, but thanks for your help.

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From, I can read :

The datasets can be downloaded from this website in the current national coordinate system ETRS-TM35FIN.

When you open QGIS, set the projection system to EPSG:3067 (according to spatialreference). With Qgis 1.7, you can also apply the project coordinates system from a given layer by right clicking it and choose the right option (something like : Define the coordinates sytem with the current layer coordinates system - my qgis is in french)

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Not the answers but something caught my attention. WGS84 and having coordinates 521636 6947168? It doesn't seem right.

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You are right, there is a .proj file associated : seems to be EUREF FIN TM35FIN - 3067. – hokkos Jul 27 '11 at 15:49
Ok, so after setting the correct projection, and using the coordinate capture with a 4326 proj it seems to show lat/long, thanks. – hokkos Jul 27 '11 at 15:52

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