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I use PostGis and pgRouting. I have a table with geometries of the adjacent edges returned by a shortest path query. I want to concatenate these edges and retrieve a list of all nodes these edges consist of. How do I do this in SQL?

I think the solution would be a mix of LineMerge and GeomUnion, but is there a smart way to do it?


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ST_LineMerge won't do the job. ST_LineMerge — Returns a (set of) LineString(s) formed by sewing together a MULTILINESTRING. PGRouting send you back a list of linestring. Maybe GemUnion is the key. I'll check that if I can. – Fabien Ancelin Jul 29 '11 at 14:01

Ok, so I did it myself with that sql function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION adjacent_linestring_array_to_set_of_points(array_geom geometry[])
   RETURNS SETOF geometry AS
    accu_line geometry;
    temp_line geometry;

FOR temp_line in select * from unnest(array_geom) LOOP
    IF accu_line is NULL THEN
        accu_line := temp_line;
    END IF;
    accu_line := linemerge(GeomUnion(accu_line, temp_line));

RETURN QUERY SELECT ST_PointN(accu_line, generate_series(1, ST_NPoints(accu_line)));

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