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I have a raster layer that was create from DTED file (dt1 specifically), created by the following code:

var rasterLayer = new RasterLayer();

The dted file is treated like raster and is displayed as grayscale.

From the other hand, I have a color map file (.clr) that maps specific colors to specific elevation values. The file is in the form

0 63 187 239
1 63 187 239
2 125 198 34
2806 220 220 220

I would like, somehow, to have that coloring (the one in the clr file) used by some kind o renderer to render the aforementioned raster layer.

Is there any way to do this?


Edit: forgot to mention, we are talking about a windows form application written in C#, with a simple map control in the center. I'm using ArcGIS Engine 10

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