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I am using Flexviewer 2.2 draw widget that allows us to save text or shapes in a text file. I had created a compositeSymbol containing 3 textSymbols instead of a textSymbol, now I want to save it in a TXT file. Still no success because compositeSymbol is not listed while it checks for the child graphics on the layer whose information regarding size, color and opacity is to be added into TXT file.

In simple I can say that I had drawn a compositeSymbol on graphicsLayer and now I want to save it in TXT.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I'm not familiar with that specific widget but the main difference for CompositeSymbol is that it contains an array of symbols. – Bjorn Svensson Aug 18 '11 at 3:52
Yes, it accepts an Array Collection containing other symbol references, it is actually Symbol Container. The widget is included in flexviewer by default that allows to draw lines, points, polygons and text additionally with save capability to save them and re-load them from TXT file. – Omega Cancer Aug 18 '11 at 6:12
thanks Bjorn Svensson, problem is solved. – Omega Cancer Aug 22 '11 at 9:06
@BjornSvensson You might want to put that as a real answer to the question :) – R.K. Dec 21 '12 at 4:52
I created my own class by extending Symbols class in ArcGIS API for Flex. By doing this I can precisely position objects (text boxes and labels) and saved it as XML file. – Omega Cancer Jan 22 '13 at 16:58

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