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I need to render a base map using the Open layers. I have downloaded 2009 Tiger line Data. I need to get up and running quickly. I think I can save some time if i use ready made SLDs, instead of designing them my self. I am looking for some decent looking SLDs especially for the road network and its labels. In fact i prefer if the SLDs are google map style color scheme! :)

Please point me to links where i can download these SLDs. Thanks Shaunak

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I was sure that there used to be a google like SLD but I can't find it - you may be able to start with and convert it to give what you are looking for.

Alternatively AtlasStyler and UDig both provide graphical style editors which will allow you to build a style that matches Google as closely as you need.

Finally you may find my discussion on styling OSM data ( useful - you can see the results at

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