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I'd like to put maps inside of a wordpress CMS, but I'm running into troubles with the permalink structure ignoring the maps all together...

I have a .htaccess file that will force WordPress to ignore a directory, and I can have the page render, but not inside the pages...

I've tried embedding an iframe, both from an .htaccess allowed directory, and even from a subdomain that has nothing but a test map on it.

I'm fairly new to GIS, so any help in connecting a MapServer / MapScript system into WordPress would be genuinely appreciated.

If there's any other data you need, please let me know.


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Hey matt, this sounds like it might be more of a wordpress question than a GIS question. You might have better luck elsewhere. That being said, AFAIK, MapScript produces images, which need to be linked to. In PHPmapscript, you'd need to do $img = $map->draw(), and then $img->save('c:\my_web_folder\images\mymap.gif'). Then your page would need an <img src="/images/mymap.gif">. – canisrufus Aug 28 '11 at 22:34
all of which is to say, i don't know anything about wordpress, and am assuming you should be able to link to the image, just like any other image. – canisrufus Aug 28 '11 at 22:37

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