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I am creating application with mapbasic. Now that it's been some time with mapbasic I found that the language is very fundamental and does not support functionality that I took for granted in Java or Other language.

How do I know what mapbasic supports or does not support?

I had a look at reference guide as well as user guide but could not find anything.

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Well, MapBasic is the "scripting" language behind MapInfo Professional. It's not designed for building "stand alone" applications. But you can integrate to WinAPI, C#, C++, Delphi and a lot of other stuff. What is it that you miss? I guess it's hard to tell what isn't supported. You can read the manual and the reference guide and see what's included

But to answer your question: MapBasic does not support function overloading - unfortunately. I have missed that a few times myself. I normally add some kind of pre- og postfix to the function/procedure if I need that type of support

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