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Anyone have experience using this technology? i.e. field verifications of structures where you need to capture the lat / long of a house that is 1000 feet from the road with limited access.

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Actually a pretty simplistic application of offset that was implemented early in the commercial GPS era by Trimble and Laser Atlanta.

Check out Laser Atlanta's "Advantage" line, or LTI's TruePulse line. The resulting az/elev/slope distance string provides "offset" from the GPS position collected at the laser head. Using offset the sample point position can be calculated in near real time with a hand held data logger. Or, the "offset" and GPS position can be combined and corrected after collection for more precise results.

Trimble's Pathfinder Office and TerraSync software packages excel at this processing flow.

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This is a cheap alternative:

Theodolite HD includes the ability to take geo-stamped and geo-tagged photos and screenshots from the app, with 2X and 4X zoom, buffered background image saves, plus an option to write custom notes on photos. The app has an integrated map with standard satellite, and hybrid views. Optical-mechanical calibration lets you correct any offsets in gyro, accelerometer, and camera hardware. In addition, the app includes a zero angle reference mode, an A-B Calculator for height, distance, heading, position, and angles, e-mail data export with KML, clipboard integration, %grade display, optical rangefinders, mils, night vision lens filters, and MGRS, UTM, and four lat/lon formats. Theodolite HD is feature equivalent to Theodolite Pro for iPhone, but contains a layout and interface scale that takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen.

enter image description here

$4 plus cost of ipad.

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How accurate could that be, seeing as how you don't have a tripod or anything? – R Thiede Sep 3 '11 at 9:54

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