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I'm looking for an annotated vectorial (PS/SVG/...) map of the world (+countries).

Wikipedia contains many vectorial maps (e.g: )but the paths are defined like that:

<path fill="#ccc" d="M98.171,199.174c-0.505-0.076-0.938-0.322-0...

... and I'd like to find an identifier so I can colorize a given country (using XSLT or another method....). Something like that:

<path id="JAPAN" fill="#ccc" d="M98.171,199.174c-0.505-0.076-0.938-0.322-0...


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This Political 'world map' available in vector and raster formats. Countries are individually selectable, as are country names.

Suggest EPS or AI (Illustrator format) that can be easily exported into SVG with the XSLT or XML Style Sheets.

enter image description here

Current version: 2.2 (2009)

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Since you mention Wikipedia as a starting point I gather you're looking for free maps. You might try funnelling the Natural Earth Data through shp2svg or shapefile-to-svg and see it that results in something useful. Convert Shapefiles Into SVG Format With Thematic Coloring indicates that the latter maintains attribute identifier information.

If commercial offerings are ok seems to have good quality stuff, though I'm not sure about the attributes.

share|improve this answer could be an alternative. It contains a JSON record containing the coordinates of the countries:

... l-1.59-0.27L460.4,178.7L460.4,178.7z","name":"France"},"nl":{"path":"M470.09,168.27l-4.53,2.23l0 ...
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Please don't post simple one liners with links. They don't help anyone understand the utility of what's at the other end, and when, inevitably, the resource succumbs to link rot it just becomes dead wood to trip over. On the hand a link with a short summary of the destination and why it's relevant can remain useful long after the resource itself has moved or vanished. – matt wilkie Sep 7 '11 at 20:39
You're right. I've updated my answer – Pierre Sep 7 '11 at 21:12
That link, by its very name, looks like it could vanish any time. The detail appears quite limited--entire countries are digitized with a dozen vertices or so. There are no metadata to help assess the quality, scale, or intended use. This dataset is probably best avoided except perhaps for educational purposes. – whuber Sep 7 '11 at 21:51

The resources suggested below are offer by the commercial website Fotolia (Phone number +1 (888) 674-2299) offering royalty free images, vectors, videos and logos.

The vectors are authored by StingerMKO.

Have a look at these maps.

Every country as single selectable Vector/Layer:

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Hi Malte, welcome to :) I hope you find our community useful and we are grateful to have your participation. This would be a better answer if it included more information. Examples of useful info include things like: name of author/publisher (the link or domain could change. If we know who created it we might be able to find the new home); free or commercial, license restrictions, etc.; size of data collection; and so on. – matt wilkie Jun 26 '12 at 18:27

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