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I am not a GIS specialist (so patience required!) :) We work with georeferenced, rectified 1:10 000 orthophotos. I need help with the conversion of a georeferenced tiff to a georeferenced jpg.

Our recently acquired JUNO (Trimble) GPS's work very well with an eventual conversion of jpg to ecw format - but I first need help in converting my tiff files to jpg.

Any ideas please? Free/shareware or products for sale that you know of? thanks! Monique

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Are these Tiffs with tfw world files or GeoTiffs with the georeferencing embedded in it? If the former, there are likely many TIF->JPG translation programs you could use and just copy the .tifw file to a .jpgw file. – Kirk Kuykendall Sep 16 '11 at 13:56

Perhaps the easiest way is to use the GDAL tools, which underpin many GIS and mapping systems out there. If you're dealing with lots of files, it is a fairly easy task to write a batch file or script to automate the process.

I'll make some assumptions here about your level of comfort with the command line, but hopefully it should be easy to follow.

First, obtain GDAL. For most Linux distros, there should be a package in your repository. For Windows, it is easiest to download either FWTools or OSGeo4W.

Next, you need to run the program gdal_translate which will do the actual hard work for you. For your needs, it is a fairly simple set of options:

gdal_translate -of JPEG -co "WORLDFILE=YES" <source_filename>.tif <dest_filename>.jpg

This just tells GDAL to output a JPEG image given your source file and a destination filename. It will create two files, the JPEG image itself, and a .jpw (or possibly .wld) file which contains the georeferencing information, without which it would just be a picture.

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GDAL is your friend. You can use gdal_translate to do it, something like this:

gdal_translate -of JPEG input.tif output.jpeg
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I utilize Autodesk Raster Design.
It has many great features. However not free.
Also required are Autocad Map 3d.

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