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I've created a role in GeoServer called WFS_ACCESS. I've assigned it to a user called wfs_viewser and have the following rules setup:

enter image description here

Though when i hit my wfs service and login with wfs_viewer credentials i get an access denied error. As soon as i grant wfs_viewer "ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR" it works fine. What is wrong with my rules?

Build Information Version 2.1.0 Subversion Revision 15809 Build Date 11-May-2011 20:09 GeoTools Version 2.7.1 (rev -1)

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The first two rules don’t provide any restrictions on access by default. However, they are overridden by your third rule which specifies that the WFS_ACCESS role only has read access to data in the catalog.* path.

Can you post all the roles you've set?

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