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In my print preview dialog I have a PageLayoutControl loading the same map as the main view's MapControl. I want the map in the PageLayoutControl to center at the same position as the MapControl. Using Extent is not a solution because the PageLayoutControl has a fixed ratio (square). (I tried using the same extent, but it didn't work at all.)

I tried the following, but CenterAt() didn't do the trick.

  IEnvelope extent = _mapControl.Extent;
  double lXMin, lXMax, lYMin, lYMax;
  lXMin = extent.XMin;
  lXMax = extent.XMax;
  lYMin = extent.YMin;
  lYMax = extent.YMax;

  IPoint centerPoint = new PointClass();
  centerPoint.SpatialReference = _mapControl.SpatialReference;
  centerPoint.X = lXMin + ((lXMax - lXMin) / 2);
  centerPoint.Y = lYMin + ((lYMax - lYMin) / 2);

Neither did Extent.CenterAt() help:


I don't have MapServer, so I can't use ICenterAndScale. I didn't find a MapDescription in the PageLayoutControl at all.

Any hints?

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Try the following when you switch from the MapControl to the PageLayoutControl or when you show the PageLayout. The application I tested on was using a tab control so...

private void tabControl1_Selecting(object sender, TabControlCancelEventArgs e)
    if (e.TabPageIndex == 1)
        IPageLayout pageLayout = (IPageLayout)axPageLayoutControl1.ActiveView;
        syncExtent(pageLayout, (IEnvelope)axMapControl1.ActiveView.Extent);

private void syncExtent(IPageLayout pageLayout, IEnvelope env)
    IGraphicsContainer graphicsContainer = (IGraphicsContainer)pageLayout;
    IElement element = graphicsContainer.Next();
    while (element != null)
        if (element is IMapFrame)
            IMapFrame mapFrame = (IMapFrame)element;
            IActiveView tmpActiveView = (IActiveView)mapFrame.Map;
            tmpActiveView.Extent = env;
        element = graphicsContainer.Next();
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If you need close integration between the MapControl and PagelayoutControl you should look at the sample in Concept & Samples section in the documentation, See How to synchronize the MapControl and PageLayoutControl

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Thanks. I tried this but I had problems on resetting the MapControl.Map back to it's initial state, when the user changed something (extent, scale...) in the print preview's PageLayoutControl. – gumo Sep 23 '11 at 10:46

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