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I have mapbasic code that manipulates the obj-column in a point-table. Some rows doesn't have any geometry so the obj-column is empty. My question is how to check if there is no object?

All the methods i found in the mapbasic-reference that givs information about the obj-column, like ObjectInfo(), try to access the object which givs an error since there is none.

Is there any way to use SQL to select the rows with non empty obj-columns?


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  • Query For Selecting row(s) without object :
    Select * from 'MYTABLE' where not obj into MYTABLE_NO_MAP_OBJECT   
  • Query For Selecting row(s) with object :
     Select * from MYTABLE where obj into MYTABLE_MAP_OBJECT
     Browse * From MYTABLE_MAP_OBJECT
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Alternative if you loop a table in MapBasic code:

dim a as alias
dim o as object
dim t as string

t = "MyTable"
a = t + ".obj"

fetch first from t
do while not EOT (t)
  if a then 
    o = a
    ' Do something with o
  end if
  fetch next from t
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