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I have a large number of groups created, with each group having many layers. I have looked for a way to set a definition query for all the layers in each group but haven't found anything. Is it even possible, maybe with model builder or python? I have ArcMap 9.3 and 10.

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This function should handle this.

import arpcy
def definitionByGroup(definition = "", groupname = "", mxd = "CURRENT"):
    #create layer list for current map document
    layerlist = arcpy.mapping.ListLayers(arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(mxd))
    for layer in layerlist:
        if layer.isFeatureLayer:
            groups = layer.longName.split('\\')
            if groupname == "" and layer.supports("DEFINITIONQUERY"):
                layer.definitionQuery = definition
            if len(groups) > 1 and groupname in groups and layer.supports("DEFINITIONQUERY"):
                layer.definitionQuery = definition

Copy paste into the arcpy window and it will be available.


Change definition to "OBJECTID = 1" for all feature layers in group "Test" in the current map

definitionByGroup("OBJECTID = 1", "Test")

Same change, but in the map stored at "C:\test.mxd"

definitionByGroup("OBJECTID = 1", "Test", "C:\text.mxd")

Clear definitions on all feature layers in group "Test"

definitionByGroup("", "Test")

Set definition on all feature layers in current map

definitionByGroup("OBJECTID = 1")

Clear all definitions in current map


Clear all definitions in map at "C:\text.mxd"

definitionByGroup("", "", "C:\text.mxd")

This function will also scan nested groups, matching on any layer of the group nesting.

If you want this to be an importable script into ArcMap, save this to a .py file in the pythonpath. e.g. save as and then import and use with:

import definitionByGroup
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