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I'm looking for a free web service that gets an input of 2 addresses and returns an output of driving distance between the 2 points. In addition I'm looking for a web service that doesn't require submitting a domain in order to use it (like google's distance matrix web service).


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Depending on your purpose and the number of requests you need to put through the service, the Bing Maps REST APIs are generally free to use - they just require you to sign up for a key first from

The API for the Route service is at:, which can return driving distances and routes plotted between up to 25 waypoints.

Conditions for use are at, but it's basically free for educational/non-profit use, and free for commercial use so long as it's a publicly available app and you don't exceed 500,000 transactions in a 12 month period. Otherwise you need to get a commercial licence.

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