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I'm using arc 10 and trying to label line features. It labels 75% of the features normally, while others will not display any label. There is no obvious geographic or label correlation between the malfunctioning features and they are all part of the same shapefile. If I alter the label slightly (for example: changing 12" to 12'') I can often get the label to display, but this isn't a practical solution.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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When I paste the layer into another MXD the labels all seem to display fine...I can work around the problem by pasting the entire data frame into a new MXD, but I would still like to find out what the problem is. – Jared Oct 12 '11 at 19:48
Are you using Maplex? – Jakub Oct 12 '11 at 23:49
convert labels to annotation - there is an option to display unplaced labels - Maplex Extension does have more control with labels and would improve labels visually placed but still not 100%. – Mapperz Oct 13 '11 at 13:45

Depending on the scale of your map, other layers present, etc, etc .... there's a possibility that your labels may be conflicting with each other, or with labels from other features. In the print screen below, you can see that I'm under the "labels" tab. On the bottom left, go to placement properties and set the placements & conflict definition settings (highlighted on the right in the print screen). If you're not familiar, do a read-up in the help menus, or a Google search. You might have to give more weight to the labels for this shapefile (and/or buffer around them - this option also under the highlighted "conflict definition" tab).

OR ..... you could convert your labels to annotation, then place them where you want manually. This would be my first choice. I hope this helps.

enter image description here

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In 9.x I've often been able to solve not-appearing label issues by converting the labels to annotation. I've not yet had label issues in v10, but my work of late hasn't used them.

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Go to the "Labels" tab in Layer Properties and click on the "Placement Properties" button. Then, select "Place one label per feature". I've just found this reveals labels for all my line features, where previously I had the same problem as Jared.

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