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Neither ArcMap nor GlobalMapper seem to be produce geopdfs that are recognized by the Terrago toolbar. Can anything besides Terrago products produce geopdfs that the Toolbar will accept?

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You could try MapInfo Professional from Pitney Bowes.

This product integrates a virtual PDF printer that is capable of producing geo-registered PDF files using the format defined by Adobe in its Acrobat Supplement to ISO 32000.

The Terrago Toolbar can read both formats, the one defined by them (Terrago) and the one defined by Adobe.

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I think you're right that this will work - MapInfo licenses from Terrago, at least at certain product levels. I tried the eval copy and couldn't get it to install properly and gave up, since I didn't really want to have yet another GIS package just to be able to publish to geoPDF. Thanks. – Llaves Jan 12 '12 at 21:55

GeoMedia GeoPDF Publisher does this. It is an add-on that runs with GeoMedia Professional.

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