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I am under the impression that by changing the 4th color (in this case 0x000000) will change the Selection color. However, when I go use the search tool, my results are still displayed in the old color. You used to be able to set the color in the Identify tool.


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you need to modify the SearchWidget.mxml in FlashBuilder, and the recompile the widget.

this is where in the code you would change the colors

  //line symbol
                const resultLineSymbolColor:uint = configXML.symbols.simplelinesymbol.@color || 0x33FFFF;
                const resultLineSymbolAlpha:Number = (configXML.symbols.simplelinesymbol.@alpha[0] != null) ? configXML.symbols.simplelinesymbol.@alpha : 0.8;
                const resultLineSymbolWidth:Number = (configXML.symbols.simplelinesymbol.@width[0] != null) ? configXML.symbols.simplelinesymbol.@width : 2;
                resultLineSymbol = new SimpleLineSymbol(SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_SOLID, resultLineSymbolColor, resultLineSymbolAlpha, resultLineSymbolWidth);

                // fill symbol
                const resultFillSymbolColor:uint = configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.@color || 0x33FFFF;
                const resultFillSymbolAlpha:Number = (configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.@alpha[0] != 0x33FFFF) ? configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.@alpha : 0.5;
                const resultFillSymbolOutlineColor:uint = configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.outline.@color || 0x33FFFF;
                const resultFillSymbolOutlineAlpha:Number = (configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.outline.@alpha[0] != null) ? configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.outline.@alpha : 0.8;
                const resultFillSymbolOutlineWidth:Number = (configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.outline.@width[0] != null) ? configXML.symbols.simplefillsymbol.outline.@width : 2;
                resultFillSymbol = new SimpleFillSymbol(SimpleFillSymbol.STYLE_SOLID, resultFillSymbolColor, resultFillSymbolAlpha, new SimpleLineSymbol(SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_SOLID, resultFillSymbolOutlineColor, resultFillSymbolOutlineAlpha, resultFillSymbolOutlineWidth));
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