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I would like to be able to detect relationship classes in a file GDB. Because users of my script might have only an ArcView level license, they would not be able to manipulate the schema of a feature class (specifically to add a field) that is in a workspace that has relationship classes. How do I detect the presence of relationship classes, so that I can document them, avoid them programatically, and allow the script to continue?

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The relationshipClassNames property is supposed to do this but it does not seem to work for me (tested in a file geodatabase, created relationship class between two feature classes, checked the property, the list returned is empty for both). Maybe it will work for you.

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Thanks. I was missing how to get to relationship classes in the first place, but you gave me the clue. I shall check out the relationshipClassNames property and let you know how it works (or doesn't). – celticflute Nov 1 '11 at 4:28

Per @blah238 suggustion, This python code lists all Relashionship classes within a geodatabase and put them in a unique list (relClasses):

inGDB = r"D:\mygeodatabase.gdb"
env.workspace = inGDB
#################Getting all Tables and Feature Classes###########
fcs = []
#root of workspace
for item in arcpy.ListFeatureClasses("*"):    fcs.append(item)
for item in arcpy.ListTables("*"):    fcs.append(item)

fds = arcpy.ListDatasets("*","Feature")
for fd in fds:
    env.workspace = inGDB +'\\'+fd
    for fc in arcpy.ListFeatureClasses("*"):
    for tb in arcpy.ListTables("*"):

env.workspace = inGDB
relClasses = set()
for i,fc in enumerate(fcs): 
    desc = arcpy.Describe(fc)
    for j,rel in enumerate(desc.relationshipClassNames):
        relDesc = arcpy.Describe(rel)
        if relDesc.isAttachmentRelationship:

print relClasses
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