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I have DEM with resolution 20m and also stream network map in shape format, isohyetal map in shape format. I have also historic numerical data for rainfall, runoff and temperature from 1970-2000 for just one gauging station in the area 10x14 km = 140 sqm.

Can anybody give me idea how can I calculate the stream flow amount(Q) for entire area and especially along the main stream, using ArcGIS 9.2?

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Give this script a try:

If I recall correctly, you select stream segments, run this macro (tie the macro to a button on a custom toolbar) and it calculates the flow accumulation for the selected segments. I remember that we had to make a few tweaks to get it to work with our data.

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You probably are talking about hydrologic problem, and you need ArcHydro for that, I believe (or something similar if they exists). There is a link to file for version ArcGIS 9.2 in, and it includes documentations and tutorials in pdf.

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