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I'm new here, and I'm also new in webgis, I have download portable gis, and I love this new version with lot more tools, I have a question regarding to mapserver that comes with portable GIS v2, how to set up or add php_mapscript extension to php in xampplite, I have try to do like this but failed :

  1. Add the necessary files (libmap.dll, gdal17.dll, etc.) to a new folder (foldername = A ). I get those files from new version of MS4W.
  2. Add the folder path to the windows path environment.
  3. Modified php.ini to add php_mapscript

When I try to launch apache server it saya something like "couldn't load msvcr90.dll", I copied the file from windows folder and add it to folder A, new error says "wrong msvcr version".

Can anyone help me, so I can use php_mapscript extension.

Regards, Zery

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A fix for this is to edit your php.ini file and ensure that you are
loading these two extensions.



to check try this code:

<?php  dl("");

However Note: When setting up PHP on Windows, make sure that PHP is configured as a CGI and not as an Apache module because php_mapscript.dll is not thread-safe and does not work as an Apache module

more info:

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where i can find php_msvcr90.dll? i've search and can't find any, googling too... you're right,in httpd.conf php was setup as an apache module maybe this could cause the problem too. – Zery Sep 3 '10 at 3:01
try your 'msvcr90.dll' file extension=msvcr90.dll – Mapperz Sep 3 '10 at 4:29

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