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I create an object derived from BaseCustomLayer which draws a polyline.
I call Map.addLayer(myBaseCustomLayer) and the function

public override void Draw(esriDrawPhase drawPhase, IDisplay Display, ITrackCancel trackCancel)

is hit. BUT if I set DynamicMapEnabled = true the draw function is not hit !

This is driving me crazy. Thanks for any hints.

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alt text

Here's my understanding, based on this illustration from the documentation:

When the map is put into dynamic mode, a background image is created. Any "non dynamic" layers (those that don't implement IDynamicLayer) are drawn to a cache and used as a background image. OpenGL is used to quickly draw display lists on top of this background image. Therefore, I would only expect ILayer.Draw for a custom layer to be called once - when the dynamicdisplay mode starts.

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Let's say you wanted to draw a triangle to the map and then have something move around the screen, what's the correct way to do this? I turned off dynamic, drew a basicLayer which drew a polyline -> turned on dynamic -> and then drew a glyph but my line disappeared. It looks like I need to create my own custom Raster layer and have that turn into the background layer... And I guess BaseCustomLayer must not be a raster layer then... ? – patrick Sep 2 '10 at 19:38

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