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In my industry it is common to create preliminary design maps for point locations that have a unique identifier. Upon the actual construction on the design, points change location based on construction.

Is there any way in ArcGIS 10.0 Editor license to append the new XY information (update the geometry) for those points? Python is preferred.

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You could use the following script that will update a point location. You'll have to flesh it out for a full program, but it's a start:

import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = "Workspace/Path"
cur = arcpy.UpdateCursor("Feature_Class", "ID = 'xxxx'") //just an example, you can use any query
pnt = arcpy.Point()
pnt.X = 100
pnt.Y = 100
shpfield = arcpy.Describe("Feature_Class").shapeFieldName
for row in cur:

del row,cur,pnt  

Man page at

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If you are working with a text file, there are two examples in How to create shapefile from lat/long values using ArcPy? which offer slightly different approaches.

You will have to update your coordinates and rebuild each time a change is made.

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