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Can we use integrated mapping with java? Are there any examples?

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Integrated Mapping uses OLE, so can only support languages that support this. Delphi, VB, C and C++ are all used (I have used all of these with it), powerbuilder too.

I think the limitations are that you have to be able to have an application with a front window as such.

The only way I can it being able to be used, is with a C++ (or another) 'bridge' between the java and MapBasic. It's not the work of a beginner, lets say that now. I can't see you being able to use Java and MapBasic without a bridge of som sorts, passing over a handle.

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By using a Java-COM bridge you can. Some time ago I made a successful experiment for this. I wrote a sample Eclipse project and put it on my BLOG page at:

The page is in Turkish but you can use Google Translator. You can download the sample project from the bottom of the page.

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